About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Croatica is a journal with a long-standing tradition that publishes peer-reviewed research papers, discussions and reviews in the field of Croatian literature, language and culture. We publish texts of the so-called traditional philological profile; those that apply contemporary methodological approaches and methods; texts that are theoretical in scope and those that engage in empirical aspects. As one of the most prominent Croatian Studies journals, Croatica strives to promote a broad spectrum of topics, in this way testing the limits of national philology on all levels, and representing its entire time-span (from the Middle Ages to the current moment in history). All the while it pays particular attention to different intercultural contexts and interdisciplinarity. Croatica is interested in the relationship between the canon and so-called marginal events in national philology, in the issues regarding the curriculum of Croatian language and literature, and in the circumstances relating to teaching Croatian language and literature at home and abroad. We emphasize the international character of the journal: one of its fundamental aims is to publish texts by foreign philologists, both Croatian Studies scholars as well as all others that engage in Croatian Studies topics. We nurture our relationship with Croatian, that is, Slavic Studies departments and sections globally; this relationship is reflected in the international character of our editorial board. We focus on cooperation with researchers, theorists and practitioners in other fields who in their work contribute to Croatian Studies, and especially with those who strive to respond to the challenges of the contemporary moment (e. g. in the area of digitalization, archiving, informatization of research, improvement of the varieties of knowledge transfer). Articles are published in the language in which they are written, in any of the world languages and in all Slavic languages.

We occasionally publish themed issues, based on calls for papers. Along with research papers, in the section Reviews we publish reviews of recent philological volumes, reports on recent conferences, in memoriam texts on philologists who passed away. We follow relevant Croatian Studies events: our particular focus is on the activities of the Department of Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, but we also follow other departments of Croatian Studies from Croatia and abroad.

The publication of the journal is regularly financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, and the Department of Croatian Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.

Terms of Use / Open Access

Articles in the Croatica journal are published via open access, which means they are freely available online right after publication, in accordance with the publishing policies of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb

They can be reproduced in accordance with the international Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND) that allows using, sharing and reproducing works, but only for non-commercial purposes and with the condition that the work, author and source are correctly cited. The license does not allow sharing the work in a reworked or changed form.

Journal articles are also available through the portal Hrčak: Portal of Croatian Scientific and Professional Journals of the Republic of Croatia.

Costs of Publishing a Research Paper

The authors are not charged for publishing an article in the Croatica journal: authors do not have to pay a fee to submit an article nor do they have to bear the costs of editorial and review procedure and publication.

Issue Archives

 The Croatica journal is archived in both its print and digital form.

In the print form the journal is archived in the National and University Library in Zagreb, in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences library in Zagreb, and in other Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences libraries in Croatia.

Croatica is available digitally on the portal Hrčak. Long-term digital retention and archiving is done by the National and University Library in Zagreb.

The articles have DOI, and the journal is registered in the Sherpa Romeo database.

In accordance with the open-access self-archiving policies, the authors are allowed to freely share and archive their articles.

Indexing / International Visibility

The Croatica journal is indexed in the following databases:

In Croatian nomenclature Croatica is classified as an A2 category journal.

Croatica was founded in 1970.

Croatica is an annual journal.

Its fields include humanities, philology, Croatian language and literature, Croatian Studies, Croatian culture, language, history and theory of literature, cultural theory, teaching topics from Croatian Studies.